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Energize Your Goals

Your goals are not fully your goals. Our goals are distorted by unconscious and energetic programming: ancestral programming, familial programing, societal programming, past life programming, and programming from mentors, teachers and friends. Learn a simple, effective, fast, and powerful way to pull other people's energy, programming, shoulds, shouldn'ts, and more out of your goals. Then connect with your spirit and inner human wisdom to make your goals more authentic and naturally motivating . You will also learn a simple daily practice to keep updating your goals as the events in your life changes, and as you grow and evolve.

from Art Giser

Virtual Social Box Blueprints for Digital Marketers & Special Event Invite

Discover the power of Virtual Socials!

In our heavily virtual world, a well curated customer experience can be your competitive edge.

Get access to 10 Unique Virtual Social Box Blueprints for Digital Marketers. As an added bonus, you'll get access to a special virtual live workshop in July 2021 on how to create virtual experiences to activate your audience, increases customer engagement, and introduces new means to monetize your business.

from Mark Stern

Why Story is Essential for a Thriving Business

Why Story is Essential for a Thriving Business

In this definitive report, you’ll discover the top 5 reasons you need to use personal stories to build your business.

You'll learn why:

  • Stories are key to creating impact,
  • Stories cultivate your “know, like and trust” factor, and
  • Stories are critical to creating meaningful customer relationships.

from Elizabeth Johnston

Create Fast Nurture Emails: Five Templates That Will Help You Quickly Compose Engaging Content, Even If You Think You're Not a Great Writer

With the Five Templates, you'll be able to quickly create emails that engage, entertain & inspire your subscribers. You'll learn how to:

-Organize Your Thoughts so you can easily put your emails together.
-Create Powerful Content that gets your emails opened and read.
-Stay Connected to Your Audience week after week so you can grow your relationship with them.

from Rob Fortier

Up-level Sales by Tapping Into Your Hidden Sales Superpowers

Have you ever wondered why some people communicate so effectively and seem to captivate their audience? Are you curious about how you communicate and how your messages are received?

The free Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ will provide the framework for you to:

  1. Get crystal clarity on your Natural Sales Style (Yes, you DO have one, whether you know it or not).
  2. Learn powerful insights into the superpowers and blind spots of you Natural Sales Style.
  3. Use your Natural Sales Style to sell to each of the 5 different Buying Styles.
  4. Use your untapped sales superpowers to eliminate the 5 Layers of Buyers Resistance so you can easily make more sales.

If you're ready to up-level your sales results, don't miss this opportunity.  

Click on the link to take your free Communication Style Assessment (CSA)™ NOW!

from Connie Whitman

Speaking Business Jumpstart Kit - Profit Predictability System

The number one key ingredient to achieving revenue is predictability.  The Speaker Navigator Speaking Business Jump-Start kit will ensure you succeed.  Clients consistently achieve revenue goals based on these principles.  Speaker Navigator - You Don't Have To Go It Alone!

Build and sustain a profitable six-figure income speaking business beginning with these five game changing resources:

  • Profit Predictability Roadmap
  • Profit Predictability Roadmap Checklist
  • Lead Generation - Speaker Navigator Intel Engine Search
  • 300 Free Credits - Text Marketing & List Building
  • Bonus Free Discovery Solutions Call - Bright Idea Factory

Speaker Navigator was built by speakers for speakers, authors & coaches. Speaker Navigator is an online, business development resource, coaching program that builds a systematic approach to your day-to-day operations. The jump start kit was designed to gain immediate traction toward hitting your revenue goals.

These resources are yours free to jump start your speaking business because we want you to WIN!

from Mark D. Gibson

5 Critical Steps to Build the Business You LOVE

In this guide, get 5 critical steps to build a business you love, because a successful business means you align the call of your heart and open your mind to new possibilities. So, your work feels like play!

Develop your mindful, motivating mindset to:

  • More easily overcome obstacles,
  • Expand, explore, and innovate at will,
  • Passionately take more purposeful action,
  • Tune-in to new options and opportunities.

Better yet, discover the elusive freedom and fulfillment; increase your income and influence; evolve your positive impact, as you effectively serve others.

Start right now – simply download this GIFT and we will provide 1 day of clean water, wherever it is needed most in the world. Just imagine how powerful this gift is…

from Lorraine LaPointe

Quantum Leap Your Business - mini-course

Activate the 5 Shifts that move you out of surviving and into thriving as an Entrepreneur. Clear away your blocks and become the business owner that naturally and automagically creates next level success.

These are the Five Shifts that are your keys to unlock next-level business. It is NOT about working harder longer – it is about getting further faster through working smarter and making intentional leaps. Quantum Leaps.

- Change your results through simple brain hacking.
- Know that you can handle anything, “You’ve got this!”
- Understand the real key to closing ideal clients.
- Inject real energy and motivation into your week.
- Make massive progress in a fraction of the time.

Each of the five shifts comes with a robust – roll-up-your-sleeves and take concrete action workbook for quick wins and profound change.

from Cher Cunningham

The 5 Day Digital Detox

Find yourself picking up your phone for no apparent reason? Noticing that you have to 'make an effort' to not look at your phone, even when you're talking to someone IRL (in real life)? Are you feeling a little guilty over the amount of time you spend 'doing nothing' on your phone? If you're a parent, would you rather not admit to how much time your child spends in front of a screen?

If it's time for a digital reset take this simple 5 day Digital Detox and ditch the 'electronic leash'. 

from Robin Keehn

Learning Styles Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The more we know about ourselves the more effective we can be. This questionnaire will give you the answers to why some things are so easy while you struggle with others.

from Vicky Knee

9 Sparks To Unlock Your Potential & Ignite A Spark To Live Full-Out

2 Gifts: Action-sheet PDF & Masterclass via video to ignite your Desire, Attraction & Abundance to create a business and life that lights you up.

from Krista Inochovsky

Stress-Free Social Media Calendar

Ever struggle with what to write for your social media marketing, or how much and when to post?

⁠Grab my free content calendar and 20+ prompts so you always know what you’re going to share next.

Having a plan makes it so much less stressful and more effective!⁠ ⁠ You’ll immediately have a clear path of what kind of content to post on each platform and when. And if you don’t already, it will help you set goals of doing more stories, videos, using curated content effectively, and maybe even … gulp … going live!⁠

from Deborah Finestone

Double Your Prices Get More Clients

Yes, there are some very good reasons to raise you prices:

  • Higher prices equals higher perceived value
  • A client that invest more in working with you is more likely to the work
  • You can give more attention to each client
  • You can potentially work less and still earn more.

Have you been thinking about raising you prices and still not done it?

Let’s solve that now!

Watch the video, download the script and raise your prices!

from Monica Bozinov

Is Your Course Idea Any Good?

Considering an online course... but not sure if your course idea is any good? Jump into this training and find out.

Julie shares a simple process to evaluate your idea & get started today!

from Julie Hood

Do you want to increase your confidence in your mindset/habits, body/health, and business/career?

If you have always wanted to know how to upgrade your health, lifestyle, and career all at the same time, then this is the course for you! You will learn the exact steps to create the mind, body, and business of your dreams, and create the ideal road map for your individual situation. You will go through the exact steps you will need to take to get the sustainable transformation results you have always wanted, and how to make them stick forever!

Do you want to increase your confidence in your mindset/habits, body/health, and business/career?

If you have always wanted to know how to upgrade your health, lifestyle, and career all at the same time, then this is the course for you! You will learn the exact steps to create the mind, body, and business of your dreams, and create the ideal road map for your individual situation. You will go through the exact steps you will need to take to get the sustainable transformation results you have always wanted, and how to make them stick forever!

from Matt Travis

How to Make a Lead Magnet that Pops

This short course walks you through the elements of a lead magnet from defining your offer to building one that draws your audience in. 

from Mary Nunaley

The Confident Entrepreneur: The Secret to Building Your Business by Transforming Your Beliefs

What if there was a short-cut to feeling confident as an entrepreneur?

In this simple but deeply transformational 30-minute video training, you will learn to shift your beliefs from limiting to powerful.

Follow this 7-step process to eliminate limiting beliefs at the core level and replace them with powerful, supportive beliefs. The results?

Letting go of the past and stepping into the confident, joyful entrepreneur you always wanted to be.

from Linda Manning

A Crazy Simple Secret to Manifest Anything You Want

Whether it is parking places, or a life changing dream retreat

this easy formula can turn you into a Manifesting Legend!

 It is time to eliminate your frustrations, doubt and uncertainly about your manifestation mojo once and for all!

from Charel Morris

Release Your Inner Writer, Write Your Book

If you have thought about writing a book for your business but have never gotten around to starting, or you have started and gotten stuck, then this eBook will help you address some of the most common issues that stand in the way of you "releasing your inner writer" and creating an extraordinary opportunity to expand your influence and gain credibility.

from Richelle Wiseman

The Simple 5-Step Process to Launch a Rockin' Podcast in Just 14 Days!

Podcasting is quietly on the grow and secretly usurping the power of video!

Here's why:

  • People can listen while driving, running, exercising, doing dishes, and more!
  • It creates intimacy, as most listeners are hearing you through earbuds - you go right into their minds.
  • The KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor is extremely high in podcasts, proven by research that shows more people buy from hearing ads on podcasts than anywhere else!

Best of all, it's not rocket science, and you can launch a podcast with less than $100 and in a very short period of time.

Get this free guide to learn how!

from Michael Neeley

Lead Magnet Level UP Course

Need to create a Lead Magnet and don't know where to start? If so, this course is for YOU! After completing this video training you will be able to make 3 epic lead magnets in a weekend.

Whether you call it a lead magnet, opt in, freebie, downloadable, or something else, you NEED one of these in your business so that you can continue to add people to your email list and ultimately add clients/customers into you products & services.

from Shereese Alexander

Superpowered Social Media that's Uniquely You: Marketing Toolkit

As a very special thank you to all of YOU, we’re giving away the "Superpowered Social Media That's Uniquely You: Marketing Toolkit" for FREE.

I am so excited to share this with you. You are getting a personalized guide to up-leveling your social media and amplifying your voice online, plus over $1,000 in value! I think you’re going to love this guide.

It is great to have you here!

from James Lam


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