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Watch Your Words

Change Your Language, Change Your Life!
FREE 30-day training system breaks the chains on the language patterns that are keeping you from success.

from Christy Whitman

Find YOUR Feminine Flow with the Divine, to Grow Your Wealth & Rest Your Mind

Open the floodgates where you fully flourish as a FEMALE in business vs. attempting to “do it like a man.” Receive life changing tips to easily implement into your everyday, setting you up for the success you desire to thrive! Topics like: *How to run your business from feminine energy, feeling replenished/restored vs. burnt out/exhausted. *The importance of fully charging ourselves up BEFORE we “hit the day running,” and what the “Queen Cushion” is! *Daily tips to align with your feminine flow, showing up as the Gracious Queen who WANTS to vs. feels like they HAVE to. *The truth about our biology as women!...why relaxing/resting MORE has us magically receive prosperity and pleasure! *How to generate wealth with an offering that is from your heart and soul. *Receive a sneak peek worksheet from my 21 Days to Restoring Your Joyful Magical Feminine Program supporting your journey.

from Amy Cheryl

9 Steps to Be a Trusted and In-Demand Expert

The #1 strategy to get booked on podcasts and radio shows that will get you noticed fast How to leverage the expertise of others and get on the fast-track to establish your own expert status 2 surefire ways to get quoted and published on established and reliable websites and blogs How to stand out from the crowd and inspire feelings of trust so that clients pay you top dollar A little-known secret to build your credibility and expertise on Facebook in as little as 7 days

from Cindy Holbrook

Eight Legal Templates for Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Save tens of thousands on legal costs today by downloading these eight legal document templates.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances are some of the best ways to grow, make sure you have solid documents in place.

Of course, this is not intended to replace legal advice, but merely save you time and money in working with your attorney. A lot of both.

from Tom Matzen

Viral Visibility Roadmap For Success

Want to achieve viral visibility and to get on the fast track to success instead of burning yourself out, trying to do everything and getting very little return on the time you invest? Then this eBook and video training series is for you.

Discover how to deploy the easiest visibility strategy to grow your business and most importantly, how you can easily maintain it so that your audience are seeing you everywhere (and think you're working!) even when you're actually taking time off (and not burning out!)... because you are using 'sticky' marketing to take your visibility to a viral level.

Enjoy the perks of having other people promoting you and boosting your visibility and  email marketing for you while you get to collaborate with other amazing influencers.

Imagine being invited to be seen on more stages, more events and to work along side other influencers who's audiences will automatically love you (and become new clients!).

Now let's make it a reality...

from Lyndsey Fox

44 Ways To Seduce Your Next Client from Stage, Podcast, Radio, Virtual Summits and Virtual Networking

As a changemaker looking to change more lives, attract more clients and scale up your business, you must always be looking for ways to get people to meet with you or opt-in to your list.

But if you think the only inducements you can offer are a free ebook, short online program or free consultation, you are far behind the times! Is your free offer tired and not drawing?

What if we could give you 44 Ways to Seduce Your Next Client from Stages, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Virtual Summits or Virtual Networking?

Get this and rocket your prospective client engagement with new, exciting and creative enticements!

from Jackie Lapin

Branding from the Heart

This material will guide you through a new paradigm for marketing that helps you express what's most important to you and attract your divinely aligned Soul Tribe online.

For over 20 years, author Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, has been helping Renaissance Entrepreneurs to create an authentic brand that cohesively promotes everything they're up to.

Follow her steps to marketing that is fun, fulfilling and sustainable for you.

from Julia Stege

Gratitude Journaling Workbook for Enlightened Entrepreneurs

The Gratitude Journaling Workbook for Enlightened Entrepreneurs takes you into the heart and art of how to use gratitude journaling to enrich your own life and well-being. You will also be inspired to bring this transformational journaling practice into your business and work with clients.

In this Gratitude Journaling Workbook you will find:

  • Why is Gratitude so Important?
  • Different Ways to Express Gratitude
  • How to Keep a Gratitude Journal
  • Tips for Writing Gratitude
  • How Often to Write in a Gratitude Journal
  • Gratitude with the Law of Attraction
  • Bringing Gratitude into Your Work with Others
  • 50 Gratitude Journaling Prompts
  • How to Turn Your Gratitude List into a Life Enriching Practice
  • Your Gratitude List
  • Many Journal Coaching Tips

Be inspired by the transformational power of Gratitude Journaling!

from Lynda Monk

6 Ways to Rock Your Next Virtual Event

From Challenges, to interactive webinars, group coaching to virtual summits, virtual events are everywhere! Effective Virtual Conversations author Jennifer Britton is pleased to share 6 Ways to Rock Your Next Virtual Event, full of worksheets and templates to support you in rocking your next virtual event!
From Virtual Summits, to Remote Team Coaching,

Join us for the 6 Ways to Rock Your Next Virtual Event. Whether virtual has been your way of working for the last year or many, creating engaging and impactful virtual conversations is key. 

from Jennifer Britton

Strategies for Increasing Your Visibility Online

In this guide & checklist, I review more than 12 different areas that you can use to increase your visibility online. I cover mindset, branding, websites, SEO, social media and content marketing. I share many great ideas that, if implemented, will increase your visibility online!!

from Andrea Cinnamond

Real-Time Quick Decoding Process for Undesired Behaviors

Decoding your thoughts, or the reach for adaptive behaviors in the moment they happen, can show their symbolic meaning, purpose and intended positive outcome.

This reveals the key to transforming them, IN REAL-TIME and over time.

At the moment a certain behavior is triggered, The Real-Time Quick Decoding Process will quickly interrupt the cycle and help you (or your clients) to:

  • Be aware of new ways of coping
  • Understand your symbolic language – recognize meaningful metaphors and patterns
  • Access and accept your feelings more easily – once accepted and felt, feelings can pass, helping you to survive without the behavior in that moment, and in future moments
  • Build self-acceptance, compassion and hope – replacing the unwanted behaviors and resistance, with self-care practices, uniquely your own, and internal motivation for lasting changes
  • Create a Wedge of Space between Stimulus and Response for new choices, wherein lies growth and freedom

from Dr. Barbara Birsinger

Cheat Sheet: EASILY Run Your Own Summits and Giveaways - Build Your List and Authority

Creating your own Summit or Giveaway can seem daunting, yet the rewards are well worth it - especially when you’re using systems that eliminate the admin work.

Being a Summit host boosts your authority and influence, and can sky-rocket your list size, giving your business an incredible boost.

  • Discover the little known secrets that let you build your authority and boost your sales.
  • A brand NEW way you can run an awesome Summit (WITHOUT weeks of admin work!)
  • Precisely why my approach ensures you'll profit from a Giveaway without EVER having to even build a single webpage or write an email for your opt-ins.

Opt-in to get the cheat sheet and find out how you can run your own Summit or Giveaway!

from Steve Eriksen

Peace of Mind Legal Protections Mini-Workshop

Is your business fully protected from potentially devastating legal problems like content thieves, ghosted payment plans, and client or team member conflict? Find out with the Peace of Mind Legal Foundations Mini-Workshop!

During this 15-minute video training, lawyer + legal expert Layne Lyons will walk you through:

  • An introduction to Layne’s signature Legal UMBRELLA™ Method, detailing the 6 key areas of your business you need to protect
  • A guided audit of your current legal protections
  • A 15-page workbook to help you track the results of your audit
  • An action plan to avoid legal drama and negativity, allowing you to grow your business with confidence and peace of mind

At the end of this short-yet-powerful training,  you’ll know exactly what to do to get your business fully protected.

from Layne Lyons, JD

Create Transformational Virtual Retreats!

Discover how to build your business, increase income and create a deep connection with your clients by leading your own Virtual Retreats. Create a powerful learning experience and life changing transformation…VIRTUALLY! A 12 part virtual retreat training program available to you instantly. You will discover how to create engaging content with fun and exciting activities. Learn what technology you need and how to craft an exciting schedule and how to come up with the perfect price for an easy “Yes!” from your audience. Led by international destination and virtual retreat leader and retreat success coach, Anne Gordon.

Done-for-You Articles to Make Nurturing Your Audience EASY

No more slaving away, trying to write articles from scratch! Stay in front of your audience with relationship-building Ready2Go Articles — without having to write them all yourself!

Everyone gets 3 free professionally written articles to customize and use as your own. (Value: $177) PLUS 3 lucky winners will receive a 6-pack of the Ready2Go Articles of your choice. (Value: $327)

Keeping in touch with your audience becomes effortless with Ready2Go Articles. Just download the articles, modify them however you wish and publish.

from Linda Claire Puig

The Essential Testimonial Toolkit - Video Training Series

FACT #1: Without testimonials, it's really hard to sell your stuff.

FACT #2: There are 2 testimonial types... and the wrong type actually makes it HARDER to make sales.

In this 3-part video training series ($197 value!) you'll discover:

  • How to get awesome REAL testimonials even if you haven't had paying clients yet (yep, really!)
  • 3 common testimonial mistakes you MUST avoid
  • 7 simple questions to ask for testimonials that do the selling for you
  • The 3-step formula to get all the testimonials you need in LESS THAN A DAY

Click the button now for instant access!

from Kathryn Calhoun

Writing to Influence and Convert

After 20 years of writing and editing for CEOs, founders, and other experts, author Renae Gregoire has come to believe that most struggles with "writing" have little to do with the ability to write. Most of the struggles she sees have more to do with issues around clarity—clarity of ideas, and clarity of the needs of readers.

Writing to Influence and Convert is for you if you like to share your ideas through writing. You write to attract new partners, new investors, new talent, new prospects, and new clients. You write to educate, persuade, and inspire action. You write because you believe in your ideas. You want your ideas to reach others, and, ultimately, to change the world.

The primer is both a brief journey into the elements of clarity and a series of questions to ask yourself whenever you struggle to put your ideas on the page.

from Renae Gregoire

Manifest Money and Clients using the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field

You are excited about the work/service you do, and you’re guided to share this sacred knowledge and passion with the world! And then you find yourself spinning your wheels and you seem to be doing the things everyone tells you, but you find these odd blocks and energy mishaps.
But it doesn’t have to be that way!
I am going to take you on a journey into the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field where you will use your spiritual heart energy to manifest in a whole new way. You will clear old patterns blocking your manifestations and manifest using this powerful meditation.
In this giveaway I will be sharing some deep information about the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field and a powerful meditation that will transport you into a higher vibration. This meditation is perfect for clearing blocks so you can be of service and manifest what you desire.

from Melissa Feick

The Simple 5-Step Process to Launch a Rockin' Podcast in Just 14 Days!

Podcasting is quietly on the grow and secretly usurping the power of video!

Here's why:

  • People can listen while driving, running, exercising, doing dishes, and more!
  • It creates intimacy, as most listeners are hearing you through earbuds - you go right into their minds.
  • The KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor is extremely high in podcasts, proven by research that shows more people buy from hearing ads on podcasts than anywhere else!

Best of all, it's not rocket science, and you can launch a podcast with less than $100 and in a very short period of time.

Get this free guide to learn how!

from Michael Neeley

Instant Results, Lifelong Clients Toolkit

In this toolkit, we've covered each stage of the coaching process that will enable you to help your clients make the changes they need in order to reach success. Learn the importance of each step of the coaching process and how you can use the toolkit for success.

Pick and choose what you need. With your focus always on the success of your can't go wrong!

Whether you're just starting out or you've already been coaching for a while, get a set of 12 powerful tools that cover each step of the coaching process - from initial preparation and meetings to final action plans! 

from Eva Gregory - Mentor to Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Law of Attraction Expert


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