DFY Giveaway!


If you'd love to run your own giveaway, but don't want the labor and stress of the back-end tech and guest wrangling - let our team handle it for you! Best of all - it won't cost you a dime! Read below to learn more and apply today...


Absolutely FREE!!!


Yes, you read that right - FREE! You do none of the heavy lifting (leave that to us) - all you've got to do is sit back and collect your hot new leads.

Okay... maybe you have to lift a pinky here and there, but seriously - we've got you covered for the hard stuff.

Keep reading to learn more...



  • Reason #1: We're not, actually!
    It's just FREE to YOU! We get paid by your contributors. Most Giveaways charge between $97 and $500 to participate. Those fees will be paid directly to us to cover our work - taking you out of the equation.
  • Reason #2: You've got more important things to do with your time!
    Truth is - many people would love to run their own Giveaway - they just don't know how or they don't have the time to invest in it. We've got this down to a science and are here to help you get a ton of leads - all at no cost to you.
  • Reason #3: We know it works!
    We've been running our own giveaways and supporting others with theirs for years. Therefore, we know it will be successful for the right partner and we're willing to put our effort behind the best candidates! Apply today to see if you're a great fit.



First Come - First Served / Refundable Deposit Required If Accepted

  • Coaching on Giveaway Parameters
    • Theme
    • Title
    • Artwork
  • Design
    • Logo
    • Banner
    • Promo Art (Event)
    • Promo Art (Contributors)
  • Contributor Registration Page
  • Opt-in Page
  • Thank You Page
  • All-Access page
  • Contributor Invitation Email Copy
  • Contributor Welcome and Instructions Email Copy
  • Guest Wrangling Services
    • Get Headshots
    • Get Artwork for Gift
    • Get Title and Description of Gift
    • Get Link for Gift
  • Giveaway Invitation Swipe Copy (3 Emails)
  • Lead Tracking
  • Participant Welcome Email
  • Ending Soon Email Copy


We'll be doing ALL of these services for you, while you relax and collect the leads. Imagine barely having to lift a finger, spending no money of your own, and sitting back and watching as hungry new faces jump into your mailing list.

About the Done-For-You Giveaway:

  • We build all of your pages - opt-in page, delivery page, contributor sign-up page, thank you page.
  • We provide you with email swipe copy - invitation email for contributors, registration email swipe copy for contributors and your own list, welcome email, etc.
  • We wrangle your Contributors, including the gathering of their gift info - title, description, artwork, link, and more!
  • We even do your artwork for you, assisting you with the original design and then building out your pages and social promo materials with that design. (see samples below)




  • An idea and a theme (we'll even help you with this).
  • Ideally, you should have enough viable connections to meet the following needs:
    • Contributors: The sweet-spot for this is about 20 to 30. This usually means you'll need to ask about 75 to 100 people to join you, as a lot of "no's" are to be expected. We can also help you to find potential partners for your giveaway.
    • Affluence: Your connections should be familiar with the online marketing space and understand their usual cost-per-lead. If they are not used to playing full-out, and the potential $250 fee to participate seems like too much - you'll have a hard time reaching the sweet-spot.
    • A and B-List players: If you do not know enough people with lists of 500 or more, you may have a hard time creating a successful giveaway; however, if you know a few A and B-list people who are willing to play (folks with lists of 5,000 to 25,000), then you should be fine. 


  • We'll provide the copy, but you'll need to fine-tune it and send it to all of your potential contributors.
  • Your personal list size does not matter - but your contributor's do.
  • You must set a list size requirement for your giveaway (we recommend no smaller than 1,000 - but you always have the right to allow exceptions).
  • You must be prepared to send at least 3 Solo Emails over the 3-week period of the Giveaway.
  • You must be prepared to post no fewer than 3 Social Media announcements over the 3-week period of the Giveaway.
  • You should also have your own free gift offer in order to see which of the new leads is most interested in your specific work.


  • Look, not everybody is ready for their own giveaway. We get that. That's why we have an application process, so we can be sure you're giveaway-ready and a great match for our services.
  • With just a few short questions, we'll know if you're qualified to be in this FREE program. Remember, we get paid through your guest contributor fees, so we won't even take you on as a client if we don't think you've got the tribe to pull it off.
  • After you apply, if you are not immediately accepted (based on your answers), please feel free to book a call with us to explain why you believe you'd be a great candidate for our services.
  • If accepted, you will have the opportunity to make your deposit and hold your spot. Application acceptance alone does not confirm your reservation! With room for a limited number of giveaways per year, these spots are in high demand; so taking longer to make your deposit risks losing your opportunity.
  • For more information on the deposit, see below.


  • Your deposit, secures your reservation for one of the very limited spots available.
  • Since we are going to be exerting much of our effort at the beginning of the journey (providing you invitation copy and coaching as we determine the theme of the giveaway), we do require a deposit to get started.
  • The initial deposit to reserve your giveaway is only $500. At present, we are limited to the number of giveaways we can service at one time and therefore, only have a few openings for the year. When you make your deposit, you will be taken to a booking page to set up your initial call and choose your giveaway dates. While there are only 10 openings currently available, they will fill up rapidly and date reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Your deposit will be refunded according to the following criteria: 1) immediately after we have received $4,000 in guest contributors fees collected; 2) not until the start of the giveaway mailing window, if you have failed to gather enough contributors to reach the $4,000 minimum threshold for our services.
  • We do have a minimum expectation of revenue to cover our labor and expenses (currently $4,000), though, ideally we should be collecting closer to $6,000. Your deposit will also serve to cover any shortage. For example, let's say at the start of your giveaway, you have only gathered 15 contributors and their total fees come to $3,750. As this is short of the $4,000 threshold, you would only recover $250 of your deposit. This policy is in place to ensure that you do your part in enrolling guest contributors.

My Take on Giveaways...

As someone who's been on both sides of the Giveaway equation, and as an entrepreneur that coaches others in hosting their own giveaway, I know the importance of achieving objectives for every business action we take. In the case of Giveaways, most people focus on one of two things: list-growth or revenue generation.

What I teach (and what I practice) is creating win-win-win situations. Having too many contributors in a giveaway, actually reduces the number of leads each of them will get, even though it generates more opt-ins for the host. In other words - the host wins, but the contributor loses.

When I participate in a giveaway as a contributor, I look to get new leads at no more than $1 each - so, high-priced giveaways with more than 25 participants tend to underdeliver. Again, the host will win (collecting more in fees), but the contributor loses (paying more than $1 per lead).

For these reasons, I have found that 25 participants at $250 each is a sweet spot, where everyone wins. And, of course, you should curate the best possible gifts so that those who opt-in to the giveaway are getting the best tools available.

If this feels like it is a fit for you, please make your deposit now and become the host of your own Giveaway in 2022.

Still Have Questions?

If you'd prefer, you can book a call with me to get your questions answered in person: