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  • Join as many giveaways as you want! We recommend you do one every other month, but how many you choose is totally up to you.
  • Have us host your giveaway FOR YOU! We do all the heavy-lifting - and you just sit back and collect the leads. Do this twice a year - and you'll be amazed at how fast your list grows! 
  • Build a bigger better lead-magnet! With our statistical analysis and tracking, we give you the inside scoop on what's hot and what's not and then we help you make your lead magnet SUPER ATTRACTIVE! 
  • Stop paying for leads and start making money for them instead! With our generous affiliate commissions, you should be able to cover your membership and even make hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in commissions every year!

If any of this resonates with you, jump in now! 

Get Results Fast!

Anne Gordon
Whale Wisdom Retreats

I've been a contributing expert in so many giveaways that Michael and his team have run, and I always walk away satisfied with great new leads and a fulfilling experience. You'll often find my name on the top of leaderboards - and I attribute that success to continuous list growth by playing in giveaways and hosting my own. I know I'm in good hands with Michael's team.

James Lam
Look Ahead Marketing

Michael and his team ran my first giveaway for me when my list was small and my revenue even smaller. Since then, I've grown both substantially, and I know that giveaways have played a huge part in that success. It's why I joined The Infinite List and will continue to do giveaways with their support and guidance. Plus - the lifetime commissions are a fantastic bonus!

Connie Whitman
Changing the Sales Game

One of the best ways I have grown my list from zero to over 4K in under 2 years is by being part of various giveaways as well as hosting my own.  Michael Neeley and his team have helped me with every aspect along the way, from creating lead-magnets that convert to choosing which giveaways are the best fit.  Giveaways are a must for business growth, and Michael knows them better than anyone else!


This Membership community is a perfect fit for you if…

  • You know the value of growing your list and are itching to build it FAST.
  • You're tired of paying $5 - $10 - or sometimes even more for a decent lead!
  • You know that a giveaway, when done right, can be the most cost-effective way to get your ideal audience to find you.
  • You want to play with other like-minded entrepreneurs with a common goal and a supportive atmosphere.
  • You truly understand how a rising tide lifts all boats - and you're happy to be a part of that tide.

This community is not a fit for you if…

  • You are driven by money, status, or ego over the commitment to be of service to humanity.
  • You aren’t willing to be a team player, and are only looking out for yourself.
  • You are expecting success to be handed to you without playing full out and committing.
  • You'd rather reinvent the wheel and go it on your own, than to follow a proven path to success that others have paved for you.
  • You don't like to play by the rules of a community.

What Industry Experts Say...

  • Jeff Walker ~ "Rule #1: Only sell stuff that the market really wants; and Rule #2: Always be building your list!"
  • Amy Porterfield ~ "After 13 years in business, 46,000 students, and $43 million in revenue, I can confidently say — when your email list grows, your business grows with it."
  • Matt Goldfarb ~ "Having a List of dedicated fans and clients is the single most important asset any business can have."

Get Paid In the Process...


The Infinite List has one of the most generous affiliate partner commission structures in the world!

Not only are the commissions high, they are also offered for the lifetime of your referrals. Unlike some partnerships where you get a one-time commission on the initial onboarding of a new customer, at The Infinite List, you'll earn your commission month-after-month for as long as your referral continues their membership.

Easily cover your own membership and start making money by referring just four members! Every Infinite List Member is invited to become an affiliate partner and start earning higher commissions than non-members. Plus, when you have us run your first giveaway for you (included with your membership), you'll see how easy it is to enroll new members as they jump in to participate in your giveaway and end up joining our community.

Refer as many people as you want and watch your revenue stream continue to grow! Here's just a quick example:

  1. Have The Infinite List Management Team run your giveaway for you.
  2. Invite 20 or more of your trusted colleagues to contribute a gift to your giveaway.
  3. If just 10 of them decide to join The Infinite List, you'll earn $750 on their enrollment and then $300 per month after that.
  4. That comes to $4,350 in your first year.
  5. Now, imagine doing that a couple of times a year, year-after-year!

Where else can you get paid to
grow your email list?!?

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Plus - with no long-term contract, you may cancel your membership at any time and owe nothing further.

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