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A Proven, 3-Step KILLER Copywriting System That Enables You To Write FASTER, Write Better, And Make More Money – Guaranteed

Discover a proven, 3-Step KILLER Copywriting System that enables you to Write Faster, Write Better, and Make More Money - and how a simple postcard dashed off in just 25 minutes generated over $355,000 in profits. You'll never fear facing a blank page or screen again.

from Jack Turk

3 Powerful Hacks for More Joy in Your Business & Personal Life

Receive 3 powerful techniques for optimizing joy in your business and personal life AND receive a free Optimize Your Joy Consultation (normally $350) where we will examine the areas of your life where you would like to experience more joy i.e. business, personal relationships... and map out exactly what you need to do to bring those areas into joyful alignment.

from Shannah White

26 "A to Z" Online Profits Cheat Sheets

This is amazingly useful collection of 26 quick access Online Business and Marketing Cheat Sheets are like marketing snacks... you can get the information you need in minutes rather than spending hours scrolling through Google results or thumbing through YouTube content.

from David Baer

Have your Dream Clients say "YES!"

Learn the magic of authentic selling in 3 easy steps! What would it mean to you and your business, if more of your dream clients would say yes to working with you? If you would feel confident and 100% at ease when speaking to people about your offer? Sign up for this interactive Masterclass (3x90 min) where you will go from procrastinating important (sales)calls to loving them. And feel like a winner every time! You will learn the exact tools and strategies you need to close more of your dream clients in 2021.

from Catarina Bertling

How To Get Featured On FORBES (And Other Major Publications)

Getting featured on major publications is the key to grow your profile, audience and credibility.

In this training you will:

1)  Build your authority, gain trust and charge higher rates by getting featured in major publications

2) Discover how to use a free tool to quickly get noticed and build connections that get you featured

3) Learn the step-by-step process to establish relationships with the right people

from Simone Vincenzi

Viral Visibility Roadmap For Success

Want to achieve viral visibility and to get on the fast track to success instead of burning yourself out, trying to do everything and getting very little return on the time you invest? Then this eBook and video training series is for you. Discover how to deploy the easiest visibility strategy to grow your business and most importantly, how you can easily maintain it so that your audience are seeing you everywhere (and think you're working!) even when you're actually taking time off (and not burning out!)... because you are using 'sticky' marketing to take your visibility to a viral level. Enjoy the perks of having other people promoting you and boosting your visibility and email marketing for you while you get to collaborate with other amazing influencers. Imagine being invited to be seen on more stages, more events and to work along side other influencers who's audiences will automatically love you (and become new clients!). Now let's make it a reality...

from Lyndsey Fox

Create a Kick-Ass Meaningful Vision for Your Life!

This set of 6 videos will take you step by step into a process of not only setting goals, identifying priorities, but finding out how to clear anything that is in the way of you manifesting that vision.

from Ron Baker

5 Tips for Getting your Sexy Back

In this quick read tip-sheet find out the 5 key steps for Getting Your Sexy Back NOW!

from Suzanne Pool

How To Get Nine Times More Coaching Prospects


How To Get Nine Times The Coaching Prospects To Raise Their Hand and Ask For More Details From You ... The Power of Strategic Risk Reversal.  Learn the Six Steps To 9X More Prospects and 3X More Clients For Your Coaching Practice

from Ike Ikokwu

Reset Your Money Mindset and Create Wealth

How would you like to earn more money in 30 days than you did in the last 3 years? Master your money mindset so you can create financial confidence in any economy without getting overwhelmed or burned out?

from Shannon Tran

Ultimate Landing Page Blueprint

Imagine creating a waitlist for your services or backorders for your product...

Now, you don't need to imagine anymore.

Create the key piece to all of your promotions using the secrets of expert marketers without spending a fortune.

Download the Ultimate Landing Page Blueprint for FREE now.

This valuable tool ($497.00 value) will save you time while you build the most effective sales page to sell anything.

With the Ultimate Landing Page Blueprint, you'll get:

 ✔️ 4 best-performing landing page building
 ✔️ #1 best use of your audience-building time
 ✔️ 5 pieces of information you need before you
  spend any time or money building a landing

This is only available for a very short time.  Download your copy now so that you take advantage of this opportunity.

from Theresa Pantanella

List Building Acelerator Program

The Most Effective Step by Step System for Growing Your Online Business as a Speaker, Trainer, or Coach

List Building Accelerator is the only implementation program that not only shows you all the strategies and tactics on how to grow and keeps growing, your email list but also offers you daily action steps to take to get real, measurable results by growing your audience, filling your community with your ideal clients, creating content, and starting to sell.

from Daniela Nica

“Life by Design”  Lite

“Life by Design”  Lite:  The summary e-book of the full "Life by Design" version that gives you the overview of the core steps required to design an incredible life and business. Based on 20 years of research from working with15,000 people. The golden nuggets to a transformational powerful life.

from Dr. Sundardas Annamalay

Twelve Ways To Have More Joy In Your Family

Are you juggling between being a great mom, a great partner and building your business, while feeling it’s taking a toll on your kids? This Free PDF guide helps you to make it all work, giving you quality me-time on top of it.

from Esther Sanders

5x Your Followers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter

In this course, you will discover:

  1. How to find your right-fit client on social media so that they chase after you instead of the other way around
  2. The secret to quickly getting more real followers on Facebook
  3. A fast-path to 10,000 on Instagram so that you can unlock the superpower of linking your stories
  4. LinkedIn secrets to turn your LinkedIn account into a sales and lead machine in just a few minutes a day
  5. Plus strategies you can use to turn social media contacts into clients in just days

from Kim Walsh Phillips

How To Earn An Extra Six Figures A Year In 30 Minutes A Day Or Less

iscover the fastest, most effective way to identifying profitable, controlled risk trades without spending hours behind a computer screen. In this PDF I'll show you the exact three steps to a steady stream of income even if you can't tell a stock from a bond.

from Ryan Nocera

How To Get Nine Times The Prospects To Raise Their Hand and Ask For More Details From You

In This Free 2 Page PDF Guide, I’ll Share With You…

  • The proven strategy that eliminates your prospects’ hesitations and objections instantly. Their only question will become: “When can we get started?”
  • The counter-intuitive reason why the boldest offer doesn’t always win. Whether you know it or not, your offer may be scaring your prospects off, but not if you follow this simple technique.
  • The “Secret Sauce” that propelled Domino’s Pizza, Fedex and Walmart to become the dominant player in their space. How great guarantees intrigue prospects.
  • The phrase "we're so confident that we guarantee results" opens doors. Wide open.
  • And so much more...

from Stephen Caffery

Who Not How - The Six Steps To Having Other People Complete Every Project You Want Done, Quicker and Better Than You Ever Could Have Done Yourself

Discover how to go from being scattered and disorganized to orderly and systematized and get more done in 12 weeks than most do in 12 months.

from Dan LeFave

Eight Legal Templates For Raising Capital

In This Free PDF, I’ll Share With You…

  • An Offering Memorandum 504D. This is the “offer” to potential investors to invest into your company
  • Two subscription agreement, one for Canadian and another for US companies
  • Two agreement covering typical processes of raising capital
  • Two different types of confidentiality agreements you can use to protect your intellectual property
  • A Founder/Advisor template used by entrepreneurs and advisors to establish productive working relationships to help startups launch

from Phil Doublet

Systematic Magic: 7 Magic Keys To Disnify Any Business

Get the unfair advantage over your competitors. The 7 Magic Keys to Disnify Your Business. Out serve, out market, and out price your competition in any economy.

from Vance Morris

The Five Steps Top Digital Marketing Agency Owners Use That Turn Warm Fuzzy Feelings Into Cold Hard Cash

In This Free 3 Page PDF Guide, I’ll Share With You…

  • The Five Secrets to getting your dream referral sources and centers of influence to promote your Digital Marketing Agency without you having to pay them a dime;
  • How to get people to love you so much that they’ll promote your agency five times before you ask (and then even more after you do);
  • The easy way to stay top of mind with influencers so they stay engaged and keep promoting your Agency to their audiences;
  • The two things that people want more than sex and money, and why giving it to them will turn them into your best Agency promoter;
  • And so much more...

from Seth Greene

How To Win More Financial Advisory Clients Through Systematic Relationship Management

In This Free 3 Page PDF Guide, We’ll Share With You… ​

  • The ideal time to call your leads to increase your conversion rate by almost 400%;
  • Why you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you follow up with a lead only one time. Plus: when it’s no longer worth it to follow up; ​
  • The optimal number of email messages you should send as a follow up to increase your chances of success;
  • The surprising reason why prospects who receive an email have a 16% higher chance of being receptive to a phone call;
  • And so much more...

from Ken Cook

Eight Legal Templates for Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Save tens of thousands on legal costs today by downloading these eight legal document templates.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances are some of the best ways to grow - make sure you have solid documents in place.

Of course, this is not intended to replace legal advice, but merely save you time and money in working with your attorney. A lot of both.

from Tom Matzen

3 Proven Steps to Lose Fat

This eBook contains important information about the key differences between weight loss and fat loss, and how to lose body fat by working out, running less and employing smart nutrition.

from Godwin Mordi

The Simple 5-Step Process to Launch a Rockin' Podcast in Just 14 Days!

Podcasting is quietly on the grow and secretly usurping the power of video!

Here's why:

  • People can listen while driving, running, exercising, doing dishes, and more!
  • It creates intimacy, as most listeners are hearing you through earbuds - you go right into their minds.
  • The KLT (Know, Like, Trust) Factor is extremely high in podcasts, proven by research that shows more people buy from hearing ads on podcasts than anywhere else!

Best of all, it's not rocket science, and you can launch a podcast with less than $100 and in a very short period of time.

Get this free report to learn how!

from Michael Neeley

Earn Twice As Much with Half the Stress